Student Exchange Programs

Students in our department may continue their education in other universities for a certain period of time through domestic and international programs. In order to get detailed information about the exchange programs introduced briefly below and to make an application, you can visit the website of our university's International Relations Department.

Erasmus Learning Mobility

Erasmus learning mobility is one or two semesters of education of students of higher education institutions in an academic year in a contracted higher education institution in a European Union member country. In order to carry out the mobility activity, your department must have an Erasmus Bilateral Agreement with the relevant department in a higher education institution holding an Erasmus University Charter (EÜB) in a European Union member country. The aim of the program is to improve the quality of higher education in Europe and to strengthen the European dimension. Erasmus program encourages international cooperation between universities by ensuring the exchange of students and educators in Europe; and it tries to achieve this goal by contributing to the academic recognition and transparency of the studies and degrees received in the participating countries. In Europe, offering higher quality in higher education, graduates become more equipped and responsive to the expectations of the business world.

Farabi Exchange Program

Shortly called "Farabi Exchange Program", Student and Faculty Member Exchange Program among Higher Education Institutions is a student and faculty exchange program among university and higher technology institutes that provide education at the associate, graduate, postgraduate and doctorate level. Farabi Exchange Program aims at enabling students or faculty members to continue their education and training activities in a higher education institution outside their own institutions for one or two semesters. It contributes to achieving a new culture, increasing knowledge and skills and socializing for students.

Mevlana Exchange Program

Mevlana Exchange Program is a program that enables the exchange of students and lecturers between higher education institutions providing higher education at home and abroad. In virtue of the Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 23 August 2011 and numbered 28034, the exchange of students and faculty members between higher education institutions abroad and higher education institutions in our country is allowed.

Unlike other exchange programs, the mobility within the exchange program involves higher education institutions all over the world without any distinction in geographical regions.

Students who want to participate in the exchange program should attend at least one and maximum two semesters for education, while faculty members may benefit from the program by teaching for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 3 months in higher education institutions around the world. Similarly, students and instructors from all regions of the world may come to higher education institutions in Turkey.

Departmental Coordinators



Prof. Dr. Müjgan SAĞIR

Erasmus / Mevlana Faculty Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Aydın SİPAHİOĞLU

Mevlana Department Coordinator

Ass. Prof. Aykut ARAPOĞLU

Erasmus / Farabi Department Coordinator

Ass. Prof. N. Fırat ÖZKAN

OHS YL Program Erasmus Coordinator