Industrial Engineering Department of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was established in 1975 within Eskişehir Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences and started providing education in 1977-1978 academic year. Today, there are four main departments: Operations Research, Production and Service Systems, Quality Management and Quality Assurance Systems and Human Machine Systems, and the education continues at undergraduate and graduate levels for all these specialization branches. Our main goal is to provide a high quality education program to ensure that our graduates are preferred engineers at national and international companies and institutions. In this regard, it is a priority for our department to train our students as Industrial Engineers who have the knowledge and skills to identify professional problems, modeling, compiling data, using modern technical and information technologies, and interpret the results for the composite systems containing human, machine, material, energy and information. Our graduates have been successfully implementing the professional knowledge that they have gained in courses and internships in their professional life on different subjects (quality, planning, etc.) in the production and service sectors since many years.